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Woman going into a primary health care centre

Primary health care

The Primary Health Care Centre (CAP) is the first place you should go if you have a health problem or if you wish to prevent an illness. You will be assigned a CAP according to where you live. Schedule an appointment by Internet, or in person, and access the services available: diagnoses, prevention activities, and urgent or continuous care, among others.

Girl showing the health card in her hand

Health card

The health card, which is for personal use and is non-transferable, identifies you as a member of the Catalan Health Care System, granting you access to public health care centres and services. 

Health card services. CatSalut (ES)

Ambulance service personnel outside a medical vehicle


Got a medical emergency and don’t know where to go? CatSalut provides the telephone number 061 for health emergencies, as well as other resources. 

What do I do in an emergency? CatSalut (ES)

Pharmacist inside an establishment


The Farmaguia search engine for the Pharmacists Association of Barcelona will enable you to find the nearest pharmacies in real time. 

Farmaguia pharmacies locator

Various stamps to fill the tropical vaccination cards

Travelling soon?

The Traveller-Care Unit at the Hospital del Mar advises you if you visit countries with a risk of tropical illnesses. Consult the city’s vaccination centres or call 061 to find out about them.

Woman getting vaccinated

Prevention and promotion

The Barcelona Public Health Agency (ASPB) runs health prevention and promotion actions and vaccination and community health programmes. Take a look.

Girls in the open air


Find out about the services available in the city on sexual and reproductive health, contraception and gender.

A man looking through a bus window

Mental health and addictions

 Find out about the various resources, services and centres specialising in mental health care and addictions.

Doctor with a mask explainin a treatment to a patient

Communicable diseases

If you wish to report a possible outbreak or a communicable disease in the city, contact the Barcelona Public Health Agency.  

ASPB Disease Control (CAT)

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