Let's share Barcelona

“Let’s share Barcelona” (Compartim Barcelona) is a slogan, a way of understanding the city, a radical proposal that whispers and shouts: “Barcelona is for everyone because it doesn’t belong to anyone. We have the right to enjoy it, to live together here, with respect and joy. Live and let live!

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Community-life spaces

Benches, parks, squares and superblocks are public spaces where we can get some air and spend some time. Our use of these areas shouldn’t impede their other uses... Let’s use our common sense.

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Annual festivals

The city’s festivals are for our enjoyment, of course. However, if the dirt, the invasion of space and late-night noise cause problems for local residents, festivals stop being fun for the neighbourhood...


Who likes a dirty city? Nobody. This is why no one should throw cigarette butts on the ground, not bother to pick up their dog’s waste, or fill the pavements with rubbish and old furniture. No one is better than anyone else.

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The beach is the largest free, natural space in Barcelona. We should take care of its biodiversity, comply with safety measures, enjoy it without leaving our mark and without disturbing others.



Noise is a problem for many local residents, as it stops them from resting and having a normal life. The solution is simple: respect!, though it’s not in their hands, it’s in ours. Be mindful of others.​

If you go out at night, think about your neighbours who want to sleep. Believe it or not, your voice can be as annoying as a shout in the ear.

Campain banner: Your shouts are heard in people’s homes... We don’t want to hear you!
Campaign banner: SHSHSHSHSHSHSH! Don’t shout in my ear at night.

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