School playgrounds for use by local residents in all districts

The 70 school playgrounds in Barcelona open to the public will once again start opening as from 15 September. The same opening times will operate (outside school hours and at weekends), the playgrounds functioning as public spaces for recreational and educational activities for youngsters and their families.

13/09/2017 10:36h


The playgrounds form part of the municipal network, distributed around the city’s ten districts. They offer a monitor service, which takes responsibility for opening and closing the facilities according to the established hours, helping ensure the correct use of the spaces and that users get on properly. Educational activities are also organised (sports, cultural and artistic activities, family activities and educational packs containing board games, stories etc.). The playgrounds are open to everyone and admission is free.

The municipal open playgrounds service aims to optimise the use of school facilities, boosting their educational and social side and offering safe local conditions where the city’s youngsters and their families can make their own use of playgrounds and enjoy their free time with a permanent monitor service available. The programme is run by the Barcelona Municipal Institute of Education, with the support of the district offices, the Barcelona Education Consortium and the involvement of various educational and social entities in the city.

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