A closer and more community-based home help service

The neighbourhoods of La Marina de Port, Vilapicina i la Torre Llobeta, Sant Antoni and Poblenou will be the first to run four pilot schemes by the new home help service. Users will get more dignified and closer care, conditions will be better for workers and there will be stronger integration of social and health care.

29/11/2017 18:24h


“The new home help service paves the way for better care for people and support for their families. It allows us to offer a closer service, more flexible and on a more human scale”, asserted the Deputy Mayor for Social Rights, Laia Ortiz.

Small self-managing teams of ten professionals will be created and together be responsible for groups of some fifty users who live near each other. The aim is for this model to allow professionals to achieve more complete days, and in a stable environment.

Social superblocks

Besides creating stable work, improving quality of service and ensuring social and economic sustainability, the new service aims to build social superblocks. The demographic prevision for the coming decades shows that the number of elderly people will continue to rise from the 345,000 who currently live in the city. As a result, everything points to an even greater need for domestic, social, health and community services to attend to the elderly.

Apart from implying more human care, this first step towards closer support offers the chance to add aspects in the future such as the integration and coordination of care with health services, coordination with carers and with other municipal services already available to the elderly.


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