An even more social, sustainable and solidarity Tibidabo

01/03/2017 16:14h


On Saturday, 4 March, the Tibidabo Amusement Park opens for a new season entitled ‘Emocions d’alçada’[high emotions] with new attractions and shows and opening times extended by an extra hour. The park has also boosted its social side with the awarding of grants for youth groups and centres with special needs, as well as free admission for pink card holders.

Last year’s excellent results, when Tibidabo received over 725,000 visitors and turned over 15.8 million euros, have allowed for the extension of the extra hour to opening times, meaning it will be possible to enjoy the attractions at the parks as from 11 am. The second Deputy Mayor, Jaume Collboni, stressed that Tibidabo, “like other public companies, is a cost-effective company which generates profits which are used to strengthen its social and solidarity side”.

In this context, notable new measures include free access for pink card holders and the offer of 6,900 grants for free access to the park, directed at children from summer schools, youth groups and centres with special needs. A dozen solidarity festivals are also planned, some of which have become well-established over the last ten years, a decade when the park has hosted over 70 solidarity events and collaborated to benefit over 550 social entities. Another social factor of Tibidabo is that it offers numerous jobs, with a 40% rise in personnel since 2014.

The park acts to respect the environment, within the framework of the Citizen Commitment to Sustainability  2012-2022, which includes a 10% increase in selective waste collection, the promotion of public transport to get to the park and the control of energy consumption.

New attractions and shows

The two new attractions at the park this season are the Mini Hurakan and the new Txu Txu train, surrounded by a giant cultivation patch. Two new 4D films will also be offered by the cinema at the park, as well as a new show at the Marionetàrium and a varied offering of itinerant and end-of-day shows.

In the future a new zone of interactive fountains will be opened, with sequences of water, light and sound, and the iconic plane will be reinstalled once the current work to renovate it is completed.

The educational side of the park is another aspect which features in its programme, with activities in spheres such as robotics, science and healthy eating.