Barcelona Districte Cultural takes arts and culture to the neighbourhoods

The Barcelona Districte Cultural project has taken its first steps. The initiative, part of the shock plan for culture in the neighbourhoods presented last September, is aimed at consolidating a stable circuit of professional shows and rethinking the relationship between the stage and the public to prompt citizens to enjoy and promote culture. The new cultural proposal is for two editions this year (the first in May and June and the second in the final quarter of the year) and will include 20 artistic proposals and 88 performances.

25/04/2017 17:26h


Barcelona Districte Cultural is an innovative proposal designed to build a local culture and arts circuit for professionals which goes beyond the main facilities in the city, generating culture to be offered in neighbourhoods outside of the city centre and helping citizens to access and promote culture.

Barcelona Districte Cultural has presented a programme of activities for this year which includes two free editions, one in the spring and the other in the autumn. Some 20 artistic proposals have been prepared: 8 based around music, 7 around theatre and 5 around dance and circus. As from October, audio-visuals will also feature. In total the programme offers 88 performances.

The initiative aims to boost culture in the neighbourhoods as it is considered as playing an outstanding role in social cohesion. Because of this, cultural activities will be offered at thirteen local cultural centres, two each in the districts of Sant Andreu, Sant Martí and Horta-Guinardó and one in each of the other districts. As from September, work will start on the five community arts projects, looking to get local residents involved in shared artistic creation.

New edition for 2018

The Barcelona Institute of Culture (ICUB) has prepared two new editions for 2018 (from February to April and again in the autumn), with a programme of up to 300 performances around twenty local cultural centres.

The Barcelona Districte Cultural initiative, explained on Tuesday by the Deputy Mayor for Enterprise, Culture and Innovation, Jaume Colboni, forms part of the Shock Plan for Culture in the Neighbourhoods. The plan was presented at the end of September 2016 as the cultural branch of the Neighbourhood Plan. It is designed to boost access to quality culture in order to assist with social cohesion.