Christmas lights to be switched on in La Rambla

As a way of paying homage to the victims of the attack on 17 August and recognising the response from local residents and shops, this year’s Christmas lights will be switched on in La Rambla. The act will take place on Friday 23 November at 7 pm in Rambla de Santa Mònica and the lights will feature a dove of peace in memory of the attack.

10/10/2017 17:41h


The Councillor for Commerce and Markets, Montserrat Ballarín, announced the decision following a meeting with the Associació Amics de la Rambla, explaining that “in the last two years, the City Council has switched on the Christmas lights from different city neighbourhoods. This year we’ve decided it would be in the heart of La Rambla as we want to pay homage to the victims that died in the attack, as well as recognising all the shops, restaurants and local residents in an around La Rambla, who gave the world a magnificent example of generosity, putting others first”.

For his part, the president of the Associació Amics de la Rambla, Fermín Villar, announced that “this year we’re adding the dove of peace to our lighting in La Rambla, as a way of representing this experience, negative, yet reassuring in the positive way citizens responded”.

The switching on of the Christmas lights marks the start of the Christmas campaign and is one of the most important moments of the year for city commerce. This year’s lighting will spread to shopping areas with less commercial strength and less density of shoppers, the aim being to help promote local commerce.