Civic officers in all city districts

Barcelona now has 116 civic officers, having stepped up their presence in zones with the highest volume of tourists since July. The latest intake for the corps consists of 24 new officers, their goal being to help people live side by side in the districts in summer, providing information and controlling anti-social behaviour.

11/08/2017 13:46h


Since the start of the year, the corps has been bolstered and its area of operations extended. Eighteen officers currently work in the city’s Citizen Help and Information Offices (OAC), while the volume of tourists at the Mercat de la Boqueria also means officers are on duty there from April to October. Similarly, the presence of civic officers around the Sagrada Família and the fountains in Monjuïc has also been stepped up for the summer.

A young unit working for social balance

The Civic Officers Unit was set up in April 2015 with the aim of preventing anti-social behaviour, attitudes and actions in the city by making citizens and visitors more aware about the responsible and respectful use of public space.


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