Fifth edition of the Innovative Company Award in Barcelona Conciliation and Time 2016

22/02/2017 09:03h

Programa de Temps i Economia de les Cures

Delivery date: Tuesday 21 February 2017

Winners: Category fewer than 10 employees: TBS SARO Y ARROYO BUSINESS SOLUTIONS. Category 10 to 50 employees: Ethical RESEARCH & CONSULTING. Between 51 and 250 employees category: UPCNet. More than 250 employees category: SEAT. Special Mention: ABD WELFARE AND DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION.

The City Council gave the fifth edition of the Innovative Company Award in Barcelona Conciliation and Time, which is to recognize, promote and publicize the work of companies and organizations committed to improving time management, promoting the reconciling work, family, personal and social.

This year we celebrated the 5th anniversary of the award and, as a novelty, has added a new category. There were 31 candidates from companies that chose one of the four award categories: companies with fewer than 10 workers, aged between 10 and 50 workers, between 51 and 250, and more than 250 people staff. It also gave a special mention every year to a company network NUST.

The awards ceremony, which was attended by a hundred people, took place on 21 February 2017 at the Salon de Cent Barcelona City Council and with the chair of the Mayor Colau Ada, participation of the Commission of Economy and Social Solidarity Cooperative and Consumer Affairs, and Jordi Via the paper by Dr. Sara Moreno, professor at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, entitled “From the reconciliation care work: the use of time beyond the workday.”

The design of the award was selected from proposals submitted by students of the School of Industrial Model La Massana the 2011-2012 academic year and its production was responsible entities partners ECOM Foundation.

The jury, composed of representatives of local government, business and union sectors and areas of the university and social cooperative after favorably highlighting all companies and evaluate the measures presented, agreed to award four prizes and a mention special.

The award in the business category with less than 10 employees were granted TBS – SARO ARROYO AND BUSINESS SOLUTIONS for reconciliation measures implemented so widespread and time (flexible hours, reduced hours, flexible vacation, telecommuting breakfasts labor hours reduced the birthday lunches and dinners) and the incorporation of a new measure compaction time (8 to 30 minutes for lunch 15:30) to relieve four afternoons week for personal time. The jury that is part of the Network NUST as an indicator of stability and continuity in the implementation of these measures.

The award in the business category with more than 10 and less than 50 employees were granted ethical RESEARCH & CONSULTING having implemented innovative measures and conciliation as the four-day work week, on flexible hours agreed to coordinators (from 11 to 16h.) and time management system without signing. The jury appreciated this effort in the field of consultancy and can act as a role model in the industry.

The award in the business category of 51 to 250 employees were granted UPCNET Porgrama for his “People First” measures aimed at better management of time and the reconciliation of work, family and personal during intensive day all school holidays, intensive day every Friday of the year, time flexibility of input and output, weekly and monthly calculation of working hours and teleworking. The jury also assessed the implementation of measures that allow and facilitate the work of childcare / es: extension of maternity leave (+7 days), extension of paternity leave (+3 days), intensive workshop for parents and mothers, reduced working hours and continued for mothers, paid leave for travel in case of adoption, paid leave for medical examination of children / as. And other measures such as permission to study exams, unpaid leave, permission to enter into partnership.

The award in the category of more than 250 company employees were granted SEAT for having promoted innovative measures in the industry to allow greater reconciliation of work, family and personal as the elimination of the signing, flexible hours Check the reduced working day on Friday, teleworking, flexible expansion and paid leave provided for in the statute of workers and flexible remuneration. The jury appreciated the creation of a health center for workers adhoc / is as innovative as well as the fact that the measures are included in the collective agreement (written and agreed upon) and is pointed to as a model followed in industry.

And special mention award to a company member of the Network NUST was granted ABD WELFARE AND DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION for having promoted and maintained since 2010 Diversity Management Agreement that conveys the unique implementation of measures to reconcile the integration and coexistence: the principles of equal rights in the selection process, banning harassment, induction manual for all staff, review of permits not covered by the collective agreement of reference and training plan for all staff.