Five streets in the Sagrada Família neighbourhood to become more pedestrian-friendly

The five streets are all passages (Ureña, Bofill, Pau Hernández, León and Carsi) which are to be renewed to improve landscape and urban planning aspects. Priority will be given to removing curbs, reconfiguring paving and overhead cables.

02/12/2017 10:08h


Work has already started in two of the streets (Pg. Ureña and Pg. Bofill), where the road surface and pavements will all be on the same level. Existing planters will be replaced with trees and lighting will be renewed.

Once work in these two passages is completed in February 2018, similar work will be carried out in Pg. Pau Hernéndez and Pg. León. These two streets have no pavements, meaning the paving will be changed and services moved below ground in the process.

A month later work will start in Pg. Carsi, where parking for vehicles will be eliminated, freeing up space and prioritising pedestrians. Planters will also be removed here and lighting will be renewed.

The overall budget is 1,418,000 euros and the work comes in addition to the measures already being taken in the city to improve public space and make it more pedestrian-friendly.