Input from local residents for the air quality junction

Activities being organised at the junction between C/ Tamarit and C/ Comte Borrell for Car Free Day feature some of the requests approved in the city’s participatory budget. Examples include measuring the effects of pollution in the district of L’Eixample and promoting and generating greater public awareness on the issue.

21/09/2017 19:29h


Car Free Day is on Friday 22 September and offers a programme of a hundred activities in the city promoting the recovery of public space, raising awareness about pollution and fostering more sustainable mobility. One new feature this year is a traffic calming exercise at the junction between C/ Comte Borrell and C/ Tamarit, in the neighbourhood of Sant Antoni, converting the location into the air quality junction with a dozen activities planned there.

Interestingly, local residents have collaborated by offering the use of their balconies to measure air and noise pollution in a first step of a study on the effect commercial traffic has on the neighbourhood.

Educational initiatives are also planned, such as the ‘Què respirem?’ [What do we breathe?] campaign, offering an education pack with materials to raise awareness among secondary school pupils on how pollution affects their quality of life. Another activity is #RespiraNet, a creative installation with balloons and other elements offering a visual representation of what the air is like in L’Eixample.

At the same time, a mobile information point on low emissions zones will be explaining municipal action planned for pollution episodes and how mobility will be affected.

An open and participatory city

Some of the activities have been planned based on requests approved in the participatory budget for L’Eixample, a pilot scheme carried out last year in the district.  Local residents put forward and chose initiatives for which 500,000 euros was allocated, with a face to face and online participation via the platform. The site gives local people a voice in constructing neighbourhoods for a more open and transparent city.