Love the city like you love your dog

The 2,947 registered dog owners in the district of Sant Andreu have received a letter asking them to help make the city a cleaner and more pleasant place. Municipal facilities are also distributing folding water bottles to be able to clean surfaces where dogs urinate. The measures form part of the campaign ‘Estima la ciutat com estimes el teu gos’ [love the city like you love your dog].

04/08/2017 15:55h


The letter sent to the district’s 2,947 registered dog owners explains that up until 30 September they can go to municipal facilities in the district to pick up a water bottle. The flexible bottle can be used to clean surfaces which dogs have urinated on and its design means it is easy for dog owners to keep it on them.

The measure forms part of a wider campaign entitled ‘Estima la ciutat com estimes el teu gos’, which includes leaflets in all the neighbourhoods in the district to make citizens aware of the importance of keeping the streets clean. It also reminds people that according to the by-law on the protection, ownership and sale of animals, fines of up to 750 euros may be given to those failing to clean up their dog’s excrement.

According to the Councillor for Sant Andreu, Carmen Andrés, the campaign comes in response to strong demands from local residents and is intended to foster civic behaviour among dog owners. An evaluation will be conducted jointly with the City Police afterwards on whether to impose fines.

The district has various communal areas for dogs and a new 700 square metre dog recreation area is also due to be built shortly in C/ Ciutat d’Asunción.


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