No means no: La Mercè is anti-sexist

During festivities for La Mercè, three stands will be operating in Barcelona in the fight to combat sexist behaviour. Twelve professionals will be offering information and advice regarding male violence towards women and offering support should sexist aggression occur. The stands will be open at night on 22, 23 and 24 September in Av. Reina Maria Cristina, the Parc del Fòrum and on the seafront, the areas with the greatest volumes of young people.

22/09/2017 11:14h


Last year a stand was set up in Av. Reina Maria Cristina, next to Pl. Espanya, one of the points with the most people at night over the course of festivities for La Mercè. The stand attended to over five hundred people and will therefore be located in the same place again. Users who were asked proposed the Parc del Fòrum as a possible strategic location for another stand. Because of this, and the musical programme offered there, the location will be busy at night and so a new stand will be set up there this year. The other stand open at night during La Mercè is the one on the seafront, which has been operating at night through the summer.

Each stand will be staffed by two specialists offering information on sexual violence, explaining municipal and public services offered in the city, as well as providing support should a sexual aggression occur. Each stand will also have two information staff circulating in the vicinity and offering the same services.

Check out the exact locations and opening times for the stands here.

No means no, also in streets and bars

Once again this year, the slogan for the anti-sexism campaign in Barcelona is ‘No means no’. The Councillor for Feminism and LGBTI, Laura Pérez, insisted that there is no excuse which can justify sexist aggression. She also underlined the importance of personal limits. “Whenever someone feels they have been attacked, it’s because there has been an aggression, each person’s limits are different”, she noted.

The anti-sexist campaign also extends to musical bars in areas near festival venues for La Mercè, with nearly fifty thousand drinks mats printed with the message ‘No means no’ being distributed. The initiative is being promoted in collaboration with the Catalan Federation of Associations for Musical and Leisure Activities and is expected to reach 150,000 people.