Over eight thousand students dance to the rhythm of ‘Dansa ara’

12/04/2016 17:10h

Míriam Pina García

Divided into two groups, over 8,000 pupils in their second year of primary school at 190 city schools performed at the Palau Sant Jordi as part of the ‘Dansa ara’ initiative. They danced various choreographies which they have been preparing over the course of the year and were watched by parents and relatives who didn’t want to miss the show.

The aim of ‘Dansa ara’ is to combine music and dance to help children learn rhythmic and artistic skills through contemporary dance.

The activity has been held every year since 1993 and sees the Palau Sant Jordi bring together thousands of children who have been preparing different choreographies for months. The staging of the show is the most eagerly-awaited moment, as proved by a stadium packed with a highly-committed audience.

According to the Commissioner for Sports, Marta Carranza, the activity aims to break down stereotypes. “Sometimes dance seems to be something for girls but with ‘Dansa ara’ it’s clear that dance is for everyone”, added Carranza.