Parc Joan Miró to get a public meeting area

Barcelona City Council is to remodel the surface of the underground cleaning depot being built beneath the Parc de Joan Miró, in the district of L’Eixample. The municipal government has approved an initial budget of 3.7 million euros for the project, which will create a public area which can be adapted as a place for civic meetings, next to Joan Miró’s 'Dona i ocell' sculpture. Work is due to start in the first quarter of next year.

22/10/2017 12:02h


The project aims to create a space for public assemblies next to Miró’s sculpture, with resting areas on the grass and points to contemplate the work of art which is surrounded by water. The idea is for the area to have a dry fountain and a pergola offering shade for activities held there and which can also be used to mount solar panels needed by the cleaning depot.

The area will be accessed from C/ Aragó via an asphalt ramp from the pavement, with ample vegetation featuring rosewood trees and offering easy access for people with reduced mobility. Likewise, maintenance vehicles will also be able to get to the elevated section easily. Access will also be possible from C/ Tarragona thanks to an access path with a very gentle slope coming out near the sculpture.

Work will be carried out in two stages and last fourteen months in all. The first stage, lasting seven months, will focus on the part of the area not occupied by the fire station, and different actions needed at different parts of the park affected by the current work on the cleaning depot. The second stage, also lasting seven months, involves the space currently used by the fire station and means the building will be demolished, although there is no specific date for this to happen yet.

Work on the future cleaning depot

Work has been under way beneath the Parc de Joan Miró since 2016 to build the new technical and logistical depot for the cleaning services for the Esquerra de l’Eixample neighbourhood. The project has a budget of 9.7 million euros and is due to start operating in February 2018. It will have a capacity for 290 workers and 70 cleaning vehicles, located in an energy-efficient underground building of 3,556 square metres, integrated into the existing urban landscape.

The future depot will replace those in C/ Comte Borrell and part of those in C/ Alí Bei and C/ Mallorca, which currently serve the area. The future depot will help maintain the proximity and efficiency of the service, making it compatible with rest hours for local residents.



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