Quality employment to combat job insecurity

Local residents in the district of Ciutat Vella are the first to have access to an office for the defence of labour rights, offering information and advice regarding job insecurity. The office, which also deals with companies wanting to take workers on with fair conditions, strengthens economic development policies and places a strong local accent on its activity.

11/10/2017 16:48h


The First Deputy Mayor, Gerardo Pisarello, explained that “for Barcelona to have a prosperous and dynamic economy, it’s important that labour conditions are fair, and to achieve that we must go local, getting into the neighbourhoods”.

The office, located in Pl. Salvador Seguí, will open in the mornings and afternoons and offer personalised attention for anyone with queries relating to their work situation, as well as organising monthly group meetings.

The Councillor for Ciutat Vella, Gala Pin, added that “we want to introduce this advisory service in the streets, in different languages, to adapt to the multi-cultural make-up of the district, as well as in workplaces themselves with the collaboration of trade unions”.

Professionals at the office will be offering advice and guidance for all sorts of workers, although the main focus will be on those working in tourism, restaurants and bars, nightlife, personal carers and home helpers.

The new service, promoted by Barcelona Activa, forms part of the Local Economic Development Plan for Ciutat Vella and is designed to act as a pilot scheme with a view to being rolled out citywide.