Shops which respect the environment

20/01/2016 11:09h

Marta Montal

The Foundation for Waste Prevention and Responsible Consumption has compiled a guide to responsible consumption in the Sant Pere, Santa Caterina i la Ribera neighbourhood. The aim of the guide is to promote establishments which are respectful to the environment and don’t generate waste.

The guide, published with the support of City Council, encourages residents to reflect on consumption habits. The establishments featured all promote ecologically cultivated products, the sale of local and fair trade products, the reduction of the use of plastic bags, the sale of unpackaged produce by weight and the sale of reusable items.

BeOrganic, in C/ Corders, is an example. All products in the establishment are organic, and in the case of fruit and vegetables, are also fresh, local produce. “We started with detergent by volume, as we thought it was important to have it as it reduces the use of plastic packaging. We also have water in glass bottles, which are re-usable, and we use organic paper bags”, explains Isabelle Reymond, the owner. Other establishments in the guide include Casa Gispert, where dried fruit is toasted by hand and sold loose by weight, and the natural soap shop, Kiphy Sabons.

The guide also contains advice for customers, such as using a shopping trolley or basket, looking for local and fair trade products, not accepting plastic bags and reusing packaging as actions which can reduce the impact of consumption on the environment. “They’re minor actions, but if we all carry them out, we can generate a big change”, added Laia Carulla, from the Foundation for Waste Prevention.

Many establishments in the city already form part of the network of green commerce in the neighbourhoods with responsible consumption guides. Since 2013, the initiative has operated in the districts of Gràcia, L’Eixample, Sant Andreu, Sarrià, Sant Martí and Ciutat Vella.