The cake shop with gluten and lactose free products

25/08/2015 15:41h

Sant Andreu TV

Monsterrat Bozo found out she had coeliac disease five years ago. As a result she decided to start experimenting by making gluten free cakes which didn’t need so much sugar. Following trials at home she opened her own cake kitchen in the Sagrera neighbourhood at the start of July. Pastelosofia, in reference to her background in Humanities, is the name of the new establishment.

The cakes, biscuits and buns at Pastelosofia are made from natural, healthy and nutritious products such as dried fruit, vegetables, brown sugar and spices. Various flours are also use such as cornflour, rice flour and tapioca.

Montserrat oversees the whole production and sales process. The cakes are home-made and can be ordered via Internet, whether for personal customers, cafés, restaurants or hotels. Collection can be made at the shop in the Sagrera neighbourhood.

Pastelosofía is the first cake shop in the district and the fourth in the city to sell gluten free products and this helps prevent the products coming into contact with others which are not suitable for coeliac sufferers. The products are also made in a bakery which is specially prepared to avoid any sort of contamination.


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