The dog beach gears up for summer

Work is under way to condition a zone at the Llevant beach for bathers to go with their dogs. This year the beach features improvements such as a drinking fountain, a shower and urinals.

19/05/2017 16:58h


The zone will operate during high season, from 1 June to 25 September, with a capacity for 100 dogs.

The work being done basically consists of digging a trench in the sand for the perimeter fence and at the same time installing the various elements of urban furniture: the drinking fountain, the dog shower etc. As a result of feedback by users, the drinking fountain will be adapted for all sorts of dogs, the water in the shower will have lesser pressure and the metal base for the urinals will be replaced with a plastic one.

Barcelona City Council decided to maintain the dog zone at the Llevant beach this season after the positive conclusions from all parties involved: the Barcelona Public Health Agency (ASPB), Solucions Integrals per als Residus, S.A. (SIRESA), the Departments for the Management and Protection of Animals, the Water Cycle, and Waste Management and Cleaning Services. Another reason was the survey on the use and satisfaction of Barcelona’s beaches last year, with users of the Llevant beach giving the initiative a score of 7.7.

During the pilot scheme last summer the beach was used by over 13,241 dogs and fulfilled its aim of providing a recreational zone to be enjoyed by dogs and being an example respectful behaviour. The beach has a capacity for 100 dogs, all appropriately identifiable for safety reasons.


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