The Rambla is back to normal but will never forget

All the items, documents, flowers and candles spontaneously left by Barcelona’s residents and visitors as a sign of condolence and solidarity in response to the attacks on this 17 August will start to be removed today, to help to bring the Rambla steadily back to normal. A space will be kept at the beginning of the Rambla where people can continue to leave offerings, and work is being carried out to put up a sign in memory of the events and to pay homage of the victims.

28/08/2017 17:35h


A team of professionals made up by members of the Barcelona History Museum, MUHBA and the Municipal Archives will be seeing to the selective removal and storage of documents and offering left by the public, so that a random and representative sample of these can subsequently be conserved. The dried flowers and candles will be collected respectively for making compost and re-use in other commemorations.

The process will continue to be run as diligently as it has been up to now, to evaluate, document and create a heritage out of “this gem of the city’s communal memory”, as explained by the First Deputy Mayor, Gerardo Pisarello. He also highlighted that “we are aware there will be people who are going to require a long time to deal with this grief and that we need to help them through this process, although the Rambla has to return to normal”, as requested by local residents and the commercial sector.

An area will be kept where people can continue leaving offerings, along the upper part of the Rambla, just behind the entrance to the metro. Meanwhile, work is being carried out so that a memorial can be put up in the near future, explaining the events and paying homage to the victims.

Digitised books of condolence

The books of condolence collected over the last few days include over 18,000 dedications and signatures. These will also be digitised so they can be consulted by the public. The virtual book of condolence has collected over 29,700 registered entries.

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