Turning an 18th century country house into a municipal play centre

The first steps are being taken to renovate Can Miralletes, an 18th century country house located in the neighbourhood of Camp de l’Arpa del Clot. The structure of the building will be reinforced, bringing it in line with current architectural regulations. Once renovated, the masia will house a play centre serving the district of Sant Martí.

02/09/2017 11:31h


Local entities have taken part in deciding on the new use for the building, which is to form part of the network of facilities for young children in the neighbourhood. According to the Councillor for Sant Martí, Josep Maria Montaner, turning the house into a play centre is highly appropriate. “The neighbourhood needs public spaces and the location is also strategic as it is in a park, next to a school and a college”, he noted.

A recent study by an engineering consultancy firm, commissioned by the Sant Martí District Office, shows work is needed on the support beams and minor beams in the building as they represent a certain degree of risk. Work is also recommended to adapt the building to current regulations. The renovation project will be carried out in 2018.

Can Miralletes is between C/ Sant Antoni Maria Claret, C/ Conca and C/ Indústria, in the gardens with the same name. The building has remained practically intact since it was built in 1736. It has 290 square metres of floor space and its four stone outside walls are intact, as are the interior, the beams, wooden doors and windows and an indoor staircase leading to the first floor with its Catalan vault.

Montaner insisted on the heritage value of the building: “It’s the only masia which remains in L’Eixample. Travellers used it as an inn when they were leaving Barcelona”, he explained. In the 1970s it was about to be demolished, but local residents managed to save it.



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