Turó Park gets a facelift

Turó Park is to be renovated with the aim of recapturing its original essence and highlighting the natural and sculptural heritage of the work of the architect Rubió i Tudurí. In recent years the park has become run down due to intensive use and general wear and tear.

10/05/2017 15:59h


Turó Park started life as a fun fair in 1912, operating through until 1929. In 1934 the architect Nicolau M. Rubió i Tudurí transformed it into a space for exclusive use by local residents. In 2001, the Municipal Institute of Parks and Gardens completely renovated it, but due to intensive use and wear and tear some features have fallen into disrepair and are in need of a revamp and maintenance.

The renovation project consists of various measures. Taking into account the historical category of the park, the pond will get a complete overhaul to ensure it is better preserved, including waterproofing work to prevent any leaks. While the pond is empty, the fauna there will be transferred to a temporary site and existing vegetation will be replaced with plants of the same species.

Renovation work will also be carried out on 3,000 square metres of sandstone paths, 3,200 square metres of lawns and 1,800 bushes. New trees are also to be planted to add greenery in the park and the oldest 20% of the sprinkler system will also be replaced. “The aim is to accentuate the character of the original design, intensifying greenery. We’ll be planting new trees, but keeping the original spirit of the project intact”, explained the Commissioner for Ecology, Frederic Ximeno, during the project presentation alongside the Councillor for Sarrià – Sant Gervasi, Daniel Mòdol.

The revamp also includes specific work on certain features, such as the renovation of the old puppet theatre, the renewal of the children’s play area and addition of new elements and the replacement of benches and litter bins in poor repair.

The City Council has approved a budget of 806,000 euros for the renovation project. Work will start in the last quarter of 2017 and last seven months. “We know it’s a long-term job. We’re starting with a first stage using this investment and hope to recover the original image of the park”, noted Daniel Mòdol.



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