Weekend: Cultural celebrations, local festivals and the Correbarri

This weekend brings activities for all sectors of the public, with culture, festivals and sport all in the offing. On Thursday, American cultural entities and federations get together for the third edition of the América Vive – Vive América festival, with dance and music from the Americas taking centre stage. Catalan popular culture is also on the agenda, with the Congrés and Sagrada Família neighbourhoods celebrating their local festivals, while Sunday offers a chance to enjoy the annual athletics event which pits the city’s districts against each other, the Correbarri.

11/10/2017 17:42h


American culture

For the third year running, the Federation of American Associations in Catalonia (FASAMCAT) is organising the biggest festival of American music and dance held in Catalonia. Numerous American associations and cultural entities will be getting together at the Cotxeres de Sants community centre to offer traditional music and dance from their native lands. The festival also includes children’s activities and an American food tasting, as well as the presentation of the ‘América en Catalunya 2017’ award recognising all entities for their cultural work for migrant collectives in Catalonia.

Saturday also sees the ‘Día de la Tradición’, organised by the Associación Uruguayo – Catalana Los Botijas, bringing Uruguayan traditions to the Parc del Clot.

Local festivals

The Congrés neighbourhood has been celebrating its local festival since 7 October. Popular culture has filled the neighbourhood with activities and there’s plenty more in store as festivities continue up until 15 October, when a big fireworks display will light up the night sky to bid farewell to a local festival open to everyone.

The Sagrada Família neighbourhood also celebrates its autumn festival this year, with a packed programme of activities. The festival has gently been gaining pace since the start of the month, building up for the busiest days. Concerts, havanera singing, a trade fair, the fire run, children’s activities and a human towers gathering are just some of the options to be enjoyed from Friday to Sunday, in a festival with an autumnal air to it.

Correbarri 2017

Sunday brings the sixth edition of the run pitting Barcelona’s districts against each other. The event’s popular, competitive yet relaxed character sees runners from different city districts representing their areas in an attempt to dethrone Sant Andreu, the winner of the last edition of this 10 km run. Eleven well-known people have accepted the challenge to run as patrons of their respective districts. Let the Correbarri begin!