Weekend: Open-air film, bathing in the park and Can Batlló’s past

Now the hot weather is back and is set to stay for a few months, the second weekend in July offers a string of things to enjoy, with cultural and social activities, the outdoors, family activities, popular festivals or a chance to cool off in the pool. Every Friday in July the Canòdrom is showing a free science-fiction film in the open air and in its original language. For those who feel the heat, summer offers the prospect of a dip in the artificial lake in the Parc de la Creueta del Coll, in the Gràcia district. Elsewhere, up until Sunday, there’s also a chance to find out what the old Can Batlló factory was like in the middle of the last century.

06/07/2017 13:00h


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On Friday evenings in July the Canòdrom is offering the chance to enjoy a recent science-fiction film, with a giant screen on the terrace of the arts and exhibition centre.

‘Grades obertes al Canòdrom’[open stands at the Canòdrom] offers four films, all in their original English version and subtitled in Spanish. The first session is on 7 July with Lucy, by the French director Luc Besson. The next film is Ridley Scott’s The Martian and on Friday 21 it’s the turn of Spike Jonze’s Her. Finally, on 28 July the film to be screened will be Interstellar, by Christopher Nolan. All sessions are free and start at 10 pm.

Summer in the park

The bathing area in the lake in the Parc de la Creueta del Coll, in the Gràcia district, is now open and will be operational until 11 September. The lake is one of the park’s main attractions in the summer and although it was closed to the public for a week to carry out unexpected maintenance work, it is now open as usual.

The lake has a surface area of 2,700 square metres, a depth of 60 cm and a capacity for 840 people. There is also a paved area with palm trees and date trees at the centre. Serving neighbourhoods which are far from the beaches, the lake offers a bathing option for local residents in the natural setting of the Parc de la Creuta, a 3.16 hectare area designed by David Mackay, Oriol Bohigas and Josep Martorell and opened in 1987.

A show to discover what Can Batlló was like  

This weekend also offers the possibility of seeing what Can Batlló was like in the 1940s. Local residents in the Sants and La Bordeta neighbourhood will be dressing up in period clothing to recreate key moments from the factory’s past. The event is a theatrical show, re-enacting history.

Sessions are planned for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Anyone wanting to attend should reserve and collect invitations beforehand, although if any are left over or there are cancellations the remaining invitations will be given out prior to each session.

Get wet for multiple sclerosis

This weekend’s numerous activities include a new edition of the campaign ‘Mulla’t per l’esclerosi múltiple’ [get wet for multiple sclerosis], a solidarity initiative which started in 1994. On Sunday, 9 July, over six hundred swimming pools around Catalonia will be inviting the public to make a splash to help in the fight against MS.

The Model prison speaks to us

From 3 July to 26 November, the general public will be able to visit the old Model prison, a site representing the past, present and future of the city. The visit lasts around 90 minutes and is free of charge, although bookings should be made in advance. It offers a chance to see important features at the prison, such as such as the access yard, the security doors and access corridor, the panoptic viewing facility, the fourth wing (one of those which is true to the original project), the exercise yard belonging to the fourth wing, the communication parlour and the post room. The exhibition ‘13 històries de la Model’ [13 stories from the Model] is located in the fifth wing.