Weekend: The city is infused with blue!

The second weekend of spring arrives full of colour. Blue prevails, the symbol for autism, providing the colour for the big solidarity festival to mark World Autism Awareness Day. The occasion focuses on a disorder still relatively unknown and associated to myths which hamper social inclusion for sufferers. Activities are also being organised to promote women of Pakistani origin, the Mawlid-an-Nabi festival filling the Rambla del Raval with gastronomy, literature and theatre on Saturday. Elsewhere, anyone wanting to enjoy live music can see the city’s up-and-coming talents in the semi-finals of the Brot on Friday and Saturday evenings.

30/03/2017 12:52h


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The city has a blue tinge to it this Sunday as it supports the ‘Connecta’t al blau!’ campaign, promoted by the Aprenem Association to mark World Autism Awareness Day. Throughout the day a big public festival is being held with the aim of breaking down stereotypes and clichés linked to the disorder and informing people on the needs and rights of sufferers and their families. Starting first thing in the morning, numerous solidarity activities are planned for all the family, while in the evening Barcelona’s iconic buildings, fountains, museums, hotels and shopping centres are set to join in as they are lit up in blue. Check out the programme and join in! Admission prices for activities include a donation, which will go towards helping children with autism.

A festival to get to know Pakistani women residents

The Rambla del Raval is showcasing the cultural diversity of the city with the Festival Mawlid-an-Nabi. The occasion profiles the role of women of Pakistani origin and the women’s league of the Minhaj-ul-Quran (path of peace) will be offering various gastronomic, musical, theatrical and literary workshops on Saturday from 10 am to 8 pm. The festival also aims to strengthen the sense of belonging to the city among new generations of Catalan women so that they initiate new projects and play a more active role in their neighbourhood. The festival will also be attended by municipal, social and local representatives.

New musical talents at the Brot

Delighters, Eleusis, Sunday Heat and Void are four of the new groups inaugurating the seventh edition of the Festival Brot on Friday, a contest for young musicians designed to showcase emerging talent in the city. The concert at the Espai Jove Boca Nord (9 pm) is the first of six semi-finals in the Brot category, consisting of 24 groups made up of youngsters between 18 and 25. The grand final is on 6 May at the Les Basses facility. The day before that, on 5 May, under 18s will be taking part in the Embrió category, the five groups performing in a single concert. Everyone is invited to enjoy the youngsters performing their music live.