Fòrum bathing area

The Fòrum bathing area can host the most common beach activities, such as sunbathing or swimming. However, it is important to remember that there is no sand and the water is reached by means of steps that descend directly from the paved area.


Sant Martí
Average width
30 m
From Rambla Prim breakwater until the Fòrum children games' platform.
  • Bus: H16, 7, 143
  • Metro: Line 4 - Maresme / Forum
  • Tram: T4 - Maresme Forum
  • Cycle track
  • Bicing: Avinguda d'Eduard Maristany 1 / Fòrum, Rambla de Prim 1-9
How to arrive
See the map
  • Buoy-marked breakwaters and bathing areas
  • Lifeguard towers and chairs
  • Public toilets
  • Adapted public toilets
  • Showers
  • Adapted showers
  • Public address system
  • Nautical ski area
  • Embarcation point
Information and service points
  • First Aid and Rescue
  • Information point

The Fòrum bathing area is 375 metres long and about 30 metres wide. It has been adapted for people with disabilities so that they can reach the water.

Compared to a typical beach, it is a rather unconventional bathing area and great care should be taken when approaching the water, using the designated bathing areas and taking part in associated activities. It is important to take note of the warning signs and notices and also any PA announcements, and it is forbidden to venture outside the safe areas marked with float lines.

It should be remembered that there is a colony of sea urchins in the area. To avoid injury bathers are advised to wear suitable footwear when swimming.

The Fòrum bathing area has a lifeguard post. The environmental information centre and public toilets are open from 1 June.

Area for people with disabilities

The Forum bathing area has a section set aside for disabled persons that includes a bathing support service. This service is intended for persons with disabilities and reduced mobility, and its purpose is to help them in and out of the water so they can enjoy bathing in the sea, using, if necessary, a hydraulic chair.

This area has a shower with a chair, loungers, and hydraulic chairs for easy entry and exit from the water with the help of volunteers, who, together with the accompanying persons, help users to move from the wheelchair to the hydraulic chair. All in all, the volunteers provide assistance when users of this service approach, enter and leave the water and also accompany them while they are bathing.

The assisted bathing service, which begins operating on 1 June, is available at weekends and on public holidays in June and the second half of September, while in the months of July, August and the first half of September it is operates daily from 11:00 to 14:00.

These services only operate when the green flag is on display, indicating that it is safe to swim.

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