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Wed, 30/08/2017 - 11:37

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25 years since the Barcelona ‘92 Paralympic Games

Events. The Barcelona ‘92 Paralympic Games represented a before and after for athletes with functional diversity. The event, which commenced on 3 September 1992 was an organisational success.

Today marks exactly 25 years since the start of the Barcelona Paralympic Games on the 3 of September 1992. After the success of the Olympic Games, which revolutionised the city during the last week of July and the first week of August, it was the turn of athletes with functional diversity. From the 3 to the 14 of September, Barcelona embodied the nerve centre for adapted sport.

The games held in the city of Barcelona were the ninth Paralympic Games in history, and much like the Olympic Games, they were also the most successful and best organised up until that point in time. The Barcelona ’92 Olympic Organising Committee (COOB’92) were responsible for organising the event, governed by the rules of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC).

Nearly 4,000 athletes, from 82 different countries, took part in the Barcelona ‘92 Paralympic Games. The event was highly regarded by the general public. A total of 7,000 volunteers worked in collaboration to make the experience a great success. Athletes were divided into a total of 15 different sporting disciplines. In the medal count, the United States dominated, winning 176 medals (76 gold, 52 silver and 48 bronze). The Spanish team achieved a historical result coming in 5th place, with 106 medals (34 gold, 30 silver and 52 bronze).

Petra was the mascot for the Paralympic Games, designed by the illustrator Javier Mariscal. The logo was created by Josep Maria Trias. Additionally, the Olympic Village was adapted for people with functional diversity, with the removal of any potential structural obstacles.


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