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8 October 2017 marks, the Barcelona Triathlon by Santander

Triathlon. A year on and Barcelona’s beach area, with the La Mar Bella Municipal Sports Centre as its nerve centre, will be the city’s chosen venue once again for one the year's big sports events.

This coming 8 October 2017 marks the return of the Barcelona Triathlon by Santander, in a new edition aimed at establishing its position as a world benchmark in sport changeovers. A key event for athletes from across the globe, having brought together more than 3,500 triathletes from 40 countries in 2016.

This year’s edition was presented on Wednesday, 20 September, where it was confirmed that registrations are being made 3% faster than in the previous year. The Commissioner for Sports, David Escudé, explained that “the city is aiming for the Barcelona Triathlon to continue being a worldwide benchmark”. He also pointed out that this year was special given that the event was being held during the 25th anniversary of the 1992 Barcelona Olympic and Paralympic GamesThe triathlon has been an Olympic discipline since the Sidney 2000 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

One of this year’s new developments is the change in the bicycle route, which will now be straighter and sharp turns have been removed. The number of women taking part continues to grow as well, as does the number of foreign participants, which now represents 25% of the total.

A perfect combination

Designed for all kinds of athletes, the magic of the Barcelona Triathlon by Santander lies in the way it brings together thousands of amateur athletes and some of the top triathletes in the world. Each year an increasing number of athletes choose to combine swimming, cycling and running, and take part in an event which has in Barcelona an ideal setting.

A race with three distances

The event is being held over three distances Supersprint (350 m swimming / 10 km cycling / 2,5 km on foot), Sprint (750 m / 20 km / 5 km) and Olympic (1.500 m / 40 km / 10 km) with categories for all types of athletes (individual, pairs, relays).

So, the relief and distance-sprint section will feature the famous athletes Mireia Belmonte, Miguel Induráin and Abel Anton, making up three teams, each with athletes chosen through the website (where anyone who so wants can sign up for it), and competing with one another. They did it together last year.

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