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9 August 1992: Farewell to the best Olympic Games in history

Jocs BCN '92. On 9 August 1992 Barcelona said farewell to the best Olympic Games in history. The event changed the urban make-up of the city and had overwhelming social support. The Games represented a before and after for Barcelona

Wednesday 9 August marks exactly 25 years since the end of the Barcelona ‘92 Olympic Games. That Sunday 25 years ago saw the end of an Olympic Games that would change the city forever. It wasn’t just the city which was completely changed though, the games also charted a new course for Barcelona society and Spanish sport. All the experts involved in the event agree that things have never been the same since then.

The Olympic event in Barcelona was an organisational success at a sporting level, but it also marked a before and after in the city’s urban make-up, modernising it, opening it up to the sea and putting it on the world map. Barcelona took a step forward and, partly thanks to the Games, became one of the most appealing cities in the world.

On 25 July 1992 Barcelona said ‘HOLA’ to the world, and on 9 August 25 years ago the city again left a global impression as it said goodbye to the Games. The closing ceremony bid farewell to the best Olympic Games in history, on both a sporting and a social level. At least up until that time.

The president of the IOC, Joan Antoni Samaranch, confirmed this at the closing ceremony. The Mayor at that time, Pasqual Maragall, also commented: “Barcelona has delivered and the heritage of the Games remains for humanity”, while his counterpart from Atlanta, Maynard Jackson, the subsequent host (Atlanta hosted the 1996 Games), stated: “Don’t ask me to transfer the atmosphere in Barcelona to Atlanta, that’s impossible”.


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