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Institut Barcelona Esports

A day of inclusive sport, with a tribute to the Barcelona '92 Paralympics.

Activities. On Saturday 4 November, the 5th Inclusive Day is being held at Arc de Triomf. A day of adapted sport that promotes equality in sport.

On Saturday 4 November, Barcelona’s Arc de Triomf will be the scene for the 5th Inclusive Day, an event which aims to raise the general public’s awareness about adapted sport and the specific equipment it uses, in addition to normalising disabilities.

The event aims to promote sport among local residents with disabilities in order to create a situation of equal conditions with the rest of the population. It also aims to provide the audience with information about the different sports that people with disabilities can do, in order to promote adapted sport.

The event, which is part of Barcelona City Council’s Inclusive Sport project, is organised by the four federations concerned with adapted sport: the Catalan Sports Federation for the Blind, the Catalan Sports Federation for People with Cerebral Palsy, the Catalan Sports Federation for People with Intellectual Disability-Acell and the Catalan Sports Federation for People with Physical Disabilities.

The event’s fifth edition is open to everyone; people with and without disabilities, and includes twelve different sports: wheelchair basketball, wheelchair hockey, tennis, petanca bowls, boccia, fencing, slalom, cycling, athletics, volleyball, adapted rugby and football. Each area will be independent, and will be coordinated and animated by specialists and volunteers.

Tribute to the Barcelona ’92 Paralympic athletes

As part of the 25th anniversary celebrations for the Barcelona ’92 Paralympic Games, there will be a small tribute to all the Catalan athletes who took part in that historic event. Those athletes will be able to enjoy and take part in the different sports taking place at this event. They will also receive a small commemorative gift from the authorities present at the Inclusive Day.

Liberty Seguros, supporting inclusion

The insurance company Liberty Seguros, through its #Sesalen project, is sponsoring the 5th Inclusive Day, which is taking place on Saturday 4 November at Barcelona’s Arc de Triomf. Thanks to sponsorship from Liberty Seguros, throughout the morning Daniel Caverzaschi, the promising young international wheelchair-tennis player, sharing this thrilling sport with anyone who is interested.

The Liberty Seguros group is especially active in the the struggle to integrate disabilities into society through the values that sport symbolises: effort, the spirit of self-improvement, teamwork and the desire to improve.

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