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A film commemorating the 25th anniversary of the Olympics

Films. Román Parrado’s “Amics per sempre” (Friends for life), is a film about the Olympic Games which, through comedy, nostalgia and personal relationships, explores everything that this remarkable event symbolised for the city and the country as a whole.

“Amics per sempre” (Friends for life) is a film about the Olympic Games, and in particular, the Olympic spirit which spread to all corners of the country. The film showcases the arrival of this modern sporting event with humour and nostalgia, as well as the transformation of a country, both emotionally and socially.

Directed by Román Parrado (well-known for Ebre, del Bressol a la Batalla, the winner of a Gaudí award in 2016), the movie was flimed between Barcelona and Calella and delves into the story of Carles, the owner of the last beach bar in la Barceloneta. Òscar Muñoz, Betsy Túrnez and Zoe Stein are the main characters in the film, which also stars Lluís Villanueva, Pol López, Boris Ruiz, Abraham Levy, Marta Bayarri and Ernesto Collado.

The film explores everything that the 1992 Barcelona Olympics represented both for the city itself and for the country as a whole, as well as the Olympic spirit, relationships between parents and their children, the hope of a country and the difficulty of facing changes. The film is due to premiere on TV3 on the 25 of July during the evening primetime, right after the TeleNotícies (evening news).

Starting point (storyline)

Barcelona, summer 1992. A glorious time for everyone. For everyone except Carles, the owner of the last beach bar in la Barceloneta.  Debt-ridden, clientless, newly divorced, and on the verge of losing the faith of his teenage daughter… The Olympic games arrive and change his life. A visit from Michael Jordan, the best basketball player of all time, has a lot to do with it.

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