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A team from the ‘92 Olympics prepares for the Barcelona Zurich Marathon

Marathon. Dani Ballart, Jesús Ángel García Bragado, Natàlia Via-Dufresne and Tomàs Jofresa, coached by Carles Castillejo, to take part in an initiative from the Catalunya Radio show ‘Tot gira’.

As in recent years, the Catalunya Ràdio show ‘Tot gira’ has launched its 5th sporting challenge, this year giving a leading role to Barcelona and the ‘92 Olympic Games. Once again, the challenge is to undertake and finish the Barcelona Zurich Marathon, which will take place on 11 March 2018.

Four athletes taking part in this challenge all have one thing in common: the Barcelona ‘92 Olympic Games. In fact, all four of them took part in the games. This includes Dani Ballart (silver medal in water polo), Natalia Via-Dufresne (silver medal in the Europe sailing class), Jesús Ángel García Bragado (race walker), and Tomàs Jofresa (basketball). They will be supported by a coach, Carles Castillejo, one of the best Catalan marathon runners, and together, they will form “The 92 Team”.

Sport-based challenges

In 2013, the ‘Tot gira’ radio show suggested doing a sports challenge with its listeners. The first one, like this year, was the Barcelona Zurich Marathon, which four listeners successfully took part in. In 2014, the challenge was the same, but with the addition of a coach, the legendary Domingo Catalan. In 2015, a new challenge was introduced, an Olympic triathlon with Marcel Zamora as the coach. And last year, in 2016, 4 listeners undertook a mountain marathon with Núria Picas coaching them.

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