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Mon, 24/07/2017 - 14:55

Institut Barcelona Esports

A tribute to the Barcelona '92 athletes will light the torch when it arrives at Plaça Catalunya

Barcelona 1992. Ada Colau, the Mayor of Barcelona, will preside over a ceremony in honour of the athletes that took part in the Barcelona '92 Olympic Games. The presidents of the COI and the CPI will also be present.

As part of the grand commemoration of the 25th anniversary of the Barcelona Olympic Games, there will be a ceremony in honour of the athletes that took part in the event. The tribute will take place at the Palauet Albèniz. Mayor Ada Colau will preside over the ceremony. The presidents of the International Olympic Committee (COI) and the International Paralympic Committee (CPI), Thomas Bach and Philippe Craven, will also be attending the event.

The Olympic torch and flag will set out from this tribute, on their way to the centre of the celebrations: Plaça CatalunyaElisabeth Maragall, a Barcelona ’92 medallist and the niece of Pasqual Maragall, who was Mayor during the Barcelona ’92 Games, will undertake the first relay, part of a tribute to the Olympic Flame. The Mayor of the City during the Olympic and Paralympic Games will also be honoured during the ceremony.

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