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All the Barcelona '92 Olympic Games, on the Olympic Channel.

Websites. On the Olympic Channel, you will find audiovisual material on the sports events during the Barcelona '92 Olympic Games.

In 1992, Barcelona and its citizens witnessed one of the most significant and transformative chapters in the city’s contemporary history. The Barcelona Olympic Games were a complete success and were considered to be the best Games ever held. In 2017, we are commemorating the 25th anniversary of those Games, which are universally considered as a turning point for Barcelona, when it assumed a forward-looking and global-orientated approach.

To remember everything that happened in 1992, you can now visit the Olympic Channel website, where you will find audiovisual content concerning the sporting aspect of the Games. It is one of the few digital channels where you can look at what happened in the city during those 15 magical days. The audiovisual material is owned by the International Olympic Committee and it can only be broadcast on its digital channels.

If you would like to remember everything that happened, especially regarding Olympic sport, from 25 July to 9 August 1992, take a look at this website. Sporting events, anecdotes, stories, like those of Derek Redmond, the Dream Team, ceremonies, facts and figures and much more.

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