Wed, 19/07/2017 - 09:42

Institut Barcelona Esports

Come and run in the 39th Cursa de la Mercè!

Cursa de la Mercè. We opened entries for the next Cursa de la Mercè a week ago. As always it will be held in September.

It is tradition in the second fortnight in September for the city to celebrate the Festes de la Mercè, and one of the big events in Barcelona’s annual festival is this fun run, now in its 39th year. Sign up for it: 17 September at 9 am, starting and finishing on Avda Reina Maria Cristina.

The Cursa de la Mercè is one of the city’s big sports events and, with less than three months to the big day, we are starting to warm up for it. Don’t let summer be a millstone round your neck, make the most of it by going out running, training and looking forward to this year’s race.

You can browse the website to get all the information on the Cursa de la Mercè 2017.

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