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L'Hospitalet joins in with the celebrations for 25th anniversary of the 1992 BCN Games

1992 BCN Games.. The baseball at Barcelona '92 was played in L'Hospitalet. Because of this, the city is organising a celebration to mark the 25th anniversary of the event.

On 25th July the city is to re-live the magic and essence of the Olympic Games, which in 1992 marked a milestone in the history of the city. Barcelona is not the only place organising a celebration to commemorate the event though. L’Hospitalet, which was a sub-venue for the event and hosted the baseball competition, is also preparing a celebration to mark the 25th anniversary.

The act is on Tuesday 18 July at the Feixa Llarga stadium, which was used as the baseball pitch during the Olympic Games and which later became the Municipal Football Ground. The celebration is designed to pay homage to the 8,000 people from L’Hospitalet who formed part of the team of volunteers for Barcelona ’92. The tribute includes musical performances, various children’s activities and a baseball area for people to discover and play the sport.

L’Hospitalet, along with Viladecans, hosted the baseball competition. The Municipal Stadium was the venue for matches between the eight countries taking part: Cuba, China Taipei, USA Italy, Japan, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and Spain. The 1992 event was the first Olympic Games to include baseball as an Olympic discipline. It was later dropped in 2005. After these years outside the Games, the discipline is set to return for the Tokyo 2020 Games.

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