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Mon, 26/06/2017 - 12:47

Institut Barcelona Esports

More than 104,000 children and young people take part in "Summer Lovin’"

Summer holidays.. Everyone taking part in the Olympic Campus and sports centres has been invited to the celebration activity for the 25th anniversary of the Olympic Games.

The 2017 “Summer Lovin’” Summer Holidays for Children and Young People” campaign’s activities kicked off on 26 June with a total 104,321 registrations, though the number may continue to grow over the summer. This year allows choices from among over 874 activitats leisure, sports, cultural and educational activities for children aged between 1 and 17. That figure represents a 11% increase on 2016. The budget for family aid also went up by 20%, totally 3,161,651 euros and helping out 19,500 families.

The campaign was presented by David Escudé, the Commissioner for Sports at the City Council, and Carmen Andrés, the Councillor for Children, Youth and Elderly People, during an event held at the Escola Farigola del Clot, where the activities began on 26 June.

As for types of activities, most are centres (147,932 places offered), the Olympic Campus (51,610), sports centre (29,918), nursery activities (9,289) and summer camp (7,728). There are also camping activities (4.881), routes and (465) stays (165). In addition, this year’s new feature will see all those taking part in the Olympic Campus and sports centres invited to the celebration activities for the 25th anniversary of the Olympic Games, on 25 July, in the morning, at the Estadi Olímpic.

Support for children and young people with functional diversity

Besides the specific planned activities aimed at groups of people with functional diversity a programme has also been put together, as in previous editions, to cover the demand for specialist monitoring services to attend to the special needs of children and young people who need them, whether for physical, learning or sensory disabilities, so they can take part in any of the activities on the programme.

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