Tue, 26/09/2017 - 10:55

Institut Barcelona Esports

No child without extra-curricular sport!

Ajuts. The Barcelona Institute of Sports is promoting extra-curricular school sport with 6 million euros in grants for children from families who need it most.

For the new school year, at the start of the month we presented theextra-curricular sports course for the 17-18 school year. The aim is to promote sport among youngsters, particularly those from low-income families. This year sees 291 entities authorised by the Barcelona Institute of Sports able to access grants. See the full description of conditions for grants.

The Barcelona Institute of Sports is promoting school sports for all and with projects such as this our aim is that no child should go without the chance to do sports at school, in this case as an extra-curricular activity. A total of 6 million euros in subsidies is being made available to families and entities.

Who can apply?

Families with available personal income equal to or below €12,000 euros a year per family member can apply. Families applying must be officially registered as living in Barcelona. Applications for these grants must be submitted along with the accompanying documents between 13 September and 3 October. Applicants should submit the form and the documents requested directly to theOAC. It is advisable to book an appointment in advance.

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