Fri, 10/11/2017 - 13:14

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Promoting inclusive sport and the '92 Paralympic Games up for debate in the 'City and Olympism’ cycle.

Talks. The "City and Olympism": Cycle of talks Conference: “Promoting inclusive sport and an accessible city. The role of the ‘92 Paralympic Games”.

On Wednesday 15 November a new conference for the ‘City and Olympism’ cycle of talks will be held, which aims to show the positive impact that the Barcelona ‘92 Olympic and Paralympic Games have had in the evolution of sport and other areas of the city of Barcelona itself. On this occasion, the conference will specifically look at the influence that the Paralympic Games have had. The title of the meeting is: ‘Promoting inclusive sport and an accessible city. The role of the ‘92 Paralympic Games‘, reflects this.

During this conference, the impact of adapted sport in the Paralympic Games will be discussed, in addition to how the competitions were developed. Moreover, the collective practice of sports among people with functional diversity in Barcelona will be discussed and analysed. How sport fits into their lives and the sporting options offered by the city.

The conference will be led by the following individuals:

  • Manel Algeciras: Technical Director at the Catalan Sports Federation for people with Intellectual Disabilities.
  • Antonio Blanco: Physical Education Teacher at the ONCE Educational Resource Centre Barcelona.
  • Carla Casals: International Paralympic Swimmer between 2001 and 2014.
  • Josep Oriol Martínez: Manager and director of the General and Functional Classifications Projects for the Barcelona ‘92 Paralympic Games.
  • Merche Rios: PhD in Educational Sciences.

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