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The 5th Inclusive Sports Day, a big success

Events. Hundreds of people were able to try various adapted sports during the 5th Inclusive Sports Day.

The 5th Inclusive Day was held on Saturday 4 November. This is an event which aims to raise the general public’s awareness about adapted sport and the specific equipment it uses, in addition to normalising disabilities.

Throughout Saturday morning, hundreds of people gathered on Passeig Lluís Companys, around the Arc de Triomf, to enjoy this initiative and learn all about adapted sport. They also had the chance to take part and experience it all first hand.

All along Passeig Lluís Companys, there were 12 sports areas, so that the participants could take part in various sports. The areas included football, adapted volleyball, adapted hockey, wheelchair tennis, wheelchair basketball, and a wide range of other possibilities.

The event, which is part of Barcelona City Council’s Inclusive Sport project, was organised by the four federations concerned with adapted sport: the Catalan Sports Federation for the Blind, the Catalan Sports Federation for People with Cerebral Palsy, the Catalan Sports Federation for People with Intellectual Disability-Acell and the Catalan Sports Federation for People with Physical Disabilities.

Tribute to the Barcelona ’92 Paralympic athletes

As part of the 25th anniversary celebrations for the Barcelona ’92 Paralympic Games, there was a small tribute to all the Catalan athletes who took part in that historic event. Various officials, including David Escudé, the Commissioner for Sport, presented them with a small commemorative gift.

Liberty Seguros, supporting inclusion

The Liberty Seguros insurance company, sponsored the 5th Inclusive Day, through their #Sesalen project. The Liberty Seguros group is especially active in the the struggle to integrate disabilities into society through the values that sport symbolises: effort, the spirit of self-improvement, teamwork and the desire to improve.

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