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The Barcelona '92 Olympic Games in numbers

How many athletes took part? How many meals were served? Which team dominated the medal table? How many places did the Olympic torch pass through? Find out with this infographic!

How many athletes took part in the Barcelona ’92 Olympic Games? How many events were held during the 16 days of competition? How many drugs tests were carried out? And meals? How many meals were served? These and many other questions and queries are answered in an infographic containing all the data concerning those Olympic Games that were held in the city 25 years ago.

On the sports side, a total of 9,959 athletes took part in the Games, in 257 events and 28 different sports. The athletes came from 169 countries. Strangely enough, three of them returned to the Olympic Games having not taken part in the previous competitions: South Africa, Cuba and Germany. Furthermore, the former Soviet republics participated together under the Olympic flag, calling themselves the Unified Team.

The medal table was dominated by that Unified Team, with 112 medals (45 gold, 38 silver, 29 bronze), followed by the USA (37, 34, 37) and Germany (33, 21, 28). Spain won more medals than ever before, and that record remains unbeaten today (22 medals: (13, 7, 2)

Curious facts

A total of 2,279,300 meals were served during the Games, over 1,607,000 of petrol were consumed,1,726 photocopiers were used and 2,304 drivers were needed. If you would like to know more, don’t miss the infographic!

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