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The Estadi Olímpic Lluís Companys, 25 years on

Venues. The stadium currently hosts the Open Camp, large concerts and some school activities. Twenty five years ago, it was the epicentre of the games and left images for the city’s historical memory.

If Barcelona was the centre of the world during the Olympic Games in 1992, the Olympic Stadium was the epicentre of the games. As is usual for the Olympic Games and Paralympics, the stadium is the most important venue and is where the opening and closing ceremonies are held, as well as the track and field events. Not only did Barcelona stay true to form, but the stadium bore witness to historic moments which will always remain in the city’s historical memory. Starting from Rebollo’s arrow to light the flame, an act repeated for the Paralympics, to the greeting to the world saying ‘HOLA’, and the closing party with Los Manolos to round off what were the finest Olympic Games to date at that time.

Twenty five years on, the stadium is a venue for big concerts, school activities and the Open Camp sports park. Over the years the stadium has also hosted the World Junior Championships in Athletics 2012 and the European Athletics Championships in 2010. For 12 years, from 1997 to 2009, it was also the home ground for the football club RCD Espanyol de Barcelona.

A stadium with history

Designed by the architect Pere Domènech i Roura, the stadium was inaugurated on 20 May 1929 as part of the Barcelona International Exhibition. It was due to host the 1936 People’s Olympiad but the political situation at the time prevented it and the stadium fell into disuse. Thanks to Barcelona’s bid to host the Olympics, the stadium was renovated by a team architects made up of Gregotti, Correa, Milà, Margarit and Buixadé. In 1985 work began to completely overhaul the facility, equipping it with features and services to host the Olympic Games and Paralympics. The entire stadium was revamped except for the façade, which still preserves its original appearance and was inaugurated again in 1989.

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