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The Horta Velodrome, 25 years on

Venues. The city’s leading track cycling facility was inaugurated in 1984 and was the Olympic venue for this sport. It currently also features a trial and BMX track.

The velodrome was the first major facility built in order to win the 25th Olympic Games for the city of Barcelona. It was opened in 1984, coinciding with the World Cycling Championships. Eight years later, when Barcelona hosted what would become known as the “best Olympic Games in history” the velodrome was the venue for the Olympic track cycling events. One of the competitors who stood out the most was José Manuel Moreno, who took gold for the Spanish team in the 1km time trial.

The venue is currently named Velòdrom d’Horta Miquel Poblet, in honour of the mythical Catalan cyclist considered to be the greatest of all time. The venue is the leading track cycle facility in the city and has as an official 250 metre track with a wooden surface. Annual competitions are held there, such as the Catalan Championships and City of Barcelona International Trophies.

A cycling school also operates at the velodrome. The Escola de Ciclisme is a sporting project which not only works at competition level, but at the same time educates children as people and citizens via the bicycle, versing them in road safety and a whole series of human values.

A BMX venue since 2015

In the summer of 2015 the facility was revamped with an investment of 2 million euros. The main improvement was the completely remodelled BMX circuit, which was made safer and is ready to host the European Championships in this discipline.

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