Thu, 09/11/2017 - 12:33

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The last day of the Barcelona City International Chess Tournament

Chess. From 9-17 November, the 22nd Barcelona City International Chess Tournament will be held at the Fabra i Coats - Arts Factory.

From Thursday November 9 to Friday November 17, the 22nd Barcelona City International Chess Tournament (TICB) will be held at the Fabra i Coats – Art Factory.

In addition to being a spectator, the tournament also offers prestigious commentators who will analyse the games for the audience. The players will also comment on their games at the end of each round. In parallel to the competition, the same venue will host two tournaments featuring the best Catalan under-10 and under-12 players, keeping up the tradition started three years ago.

The TICB has an excellent track record and over 20 years it has hosted highly renowned players like Krasenkow, Dreev, Georgiev, Timman, Jobava, Andersson, Jussupow, Nielsen, Balogh, Li Chao, Illescas, Gulko, Nikolic, Morozevich, and the champions Gashimov i Korchnoi.  Over the years, these players and many more have faced off against the biggest talent in Catalonia.

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