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The lighting of Antonio Rebollo's rocker, the best moment of the Barcelona '92 Games!

BCN92Games. As part of the 25th Anniversary celebrations for the Barcelona '92 Games, we want to dust off all those memories and, with the help of all our Twitter channel (@BCN_esports) followers, choose the best moment from that event.

This year, we are celebrating the fact that, 25 years ago, Barcelona experienced one of the most magical moments of its history, especially in the world of sport, but also for the city in general. From 25 July to 9 August 1992, the Olympic Games made Barcelona the centre of the world. But the city took many years to get itself ready for that time, undergoing a large-scale transformation. A few weeks later, from 3 to 14 September, the Paralympic Games took place, which also signified a turning point in the history of the Paralympic movement.

Now, 25 years later, we want to dust off all those memories and, with the help of all the followers of the Barcelona Institute of Sports (BCN Esports), choose the best moment of the Barcelona ’92 Games. And there were so many, that we need your help to decide what you think should be top of the list, because it was epic, or moving, or emblematic or for any other reason that makes it special for you.

The best-moment competition will close on 24 July, the day before the Games started 25 years ago, so that the best moment of the Barcelona ’92 Games can be announced on 25 July. The shortlist of moments includes four institutional moments, four sporting moments, four Paralympic moments and four emblematic moments.

How to choose the best moment

Through our Twitter channel (@BCN_esports), based on a series of surveys, where there will be a competition where the selected moments will gradually be eliminated in successive rounds. Each round will last approximately 5 to 7 days, with one being held per week. 16 “moments” are taking part, competing in four separate surveys of four moments each. The two highest-scoring moments will pass on to the next round. In the last round, featuring the top four moments, the two most voted moments will go on to a “second poll” for the grand final.

As the competition progresses, we will show the moments here, along with the votes they have obtained.


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