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Sat, 16/09/2017 - 09:41

Institut Barcelona Esports

The Olympic Port celebrates its 25th anniversary with a regatta specially designed for the occasion

Sailing.. The Olympic Port was as the venue for the competition sailing races for the 1992 Barcelona Olympic and Paralympic Games, since when it has remained fully operational and is now celebrating its 25 anniversary.

2017 La Mercè and the Olympic Port are the two cornerstones to a sports race taking place on Sunday, 17 September. We’re talking about the La Mercè 3 Clubs Regatta, a competition being held to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Barcelona’s Olympic Port. To celebrate this anniversary, the three sports clubs whose headquarters are based in the Olympic Port have jointly organised this competition. The clubs here are: Barcelona Royal Maritme Club; the Olympic Port Sea Club and the Barcelona Royal Sailing Club.

The competition is governed by the 2017-2020 World Sailing regatta rules, the ORC measurement rules, the the RFEV Technical Regulations for Cruisers for 2017, the ISAF Safety Regulations, Category 4 and, finally, the Regatta Announcement Regulations and Regatta Instructions and their possible amendments.

10 am marks the formal preliminary events leading up to the competition, which kicks off at 12 noon. The awards ceremony starts at 7 pm. There are trophies for the first three ranked under each category and for the overall ranking winner.

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