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Wed, 06/09/2017 - 13:28

Institut Barcelona Esports

The ONCE relives the kinship of the 1992 Olympic Games and Paralympics with a special lottery ticket

Acts. The ONCE joins the entities celebrating this year’s 25th anniversary of the Barcelona '92 Olympic Games and Paralympics. The entity has presented a special lottery ticket paying homage to the two sporting events.

The ONCE presented a special commemorative lottery ticket on 6 September to mark the Barcelona ’92 Olympic Games and Paralympics. The main reason for the initiative is to relive and remember the bond between the two events, which were a complete success for Barcelona 25 years ago. The draw will take place on Wednesday 13 September and offers 5.5 million euros in prize money.

The presentation act for the special draw featured different personalities, including Jaume Asens, Deputy Mayor for Citizen Rights, Participation and Transparency at Barcelona City Council; Josep Miquel Abad, Managing Director of COOB ’92; Jordi Sans, former water polo player and Chair of the UFEC; Alberto Jofre, Director of the Comité Paralímpico Español and Xavier Grau, Territorial Delegate for the ONCE in Catalonia.

All of them spoke at the presentation, between them coinciding that the ONCE played a key role in the Barcelona ’92 Olympic Games and Paralympics, and commenting on the strong bond between the two events.

The lottery ticket was symbolically unveiled with the help of various sporting personalities and ex-Paralympians combining to put together pieces of a giant puzzle with the image of the special ticket on it. The ticket is based on the ‘HOLA’ image from the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games on the left-hand side and another image of various Paralympians greeting the public on the right-hand side, also from the opening ceremony.

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