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The Vall d'Hebrón Pavilion, 25 years on

Seus. The present-day Vall d'Hebron Olympic Municipal Sports Centre, the Olympic venue for volleyball and pelota 25 years ago, is now the city's main centre for these sports.

Twenty-five years ago, the present-day Vall d’Hebron Olympic Municipal Sports Centre, formerly known as the Vall d’Hebron Pavilion, was the venue for the preliminary stage of the volleyball competition and the Basque pelota competition, as well as the Paralympic goalball competition. The facility was specially built for the Barcelona ’92 Games and is currently the second-biggest covered sports facility in the city.

It has a sports court, surrounded by seating for up to 3,000 spectators. The sports court is often used for volleyball, although five-a-side football, basketball and other sports are also played there. The facility also has three pelota courts, making it the city’s main sports centre for this sport.

After the Games, a 20 x 10 indoor heated swimming pool with six lanes was built, along with changing rooms for all members, four directed-activity rooms, a 250 square-metre fitness room, an outdoor swimming pool for the summer months, an outdoor sports court and a meeting room. The Olympic Municipal Sports Centre registers a total of 150,000 users every year, including members, sportspeople, participants in courses and users of the summer swimming pool. Furthermore, it is the venue for 12 sporting and cultural events every year, with a total of around 200,000 visitors.

IGE BCN, the company that has been running the facility for the last 25 years, has reached an agreement to invest over €1.5 million in renovating and updating the facility over the next few months.

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