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Vall d'Hebrón Municipal Tennis Centre, 25 years on

Venues. After being an Olympic venue during the Barcelona '92 Games, this facility began fostering tennis in the city, becoming a major centre for the sport, with 24 courts and lots of activities throughout the year.

One of the areas that underwent the greatest transformation for the Barcelona ’92 Games was Vall d’Hebron. This includes the Vall d’Hebrón Municipal Tennis Centre, the Olympic and Paralympic tennis venue 25 years ago. This facility was also where the Spanish team won three medals; with two for Arantxa Sánchez Vicario (including a doubles), and one each for Conchita Martínez and Jordi Arrese. The centre’s façade has been displaying the 25th anniversary commemorative hanging since May, proving that it was an Olympic venue during the Barcelona ’92 Games.

Just after the Games, the facility became a centre for promoting tennis in the city. “The task we are gradually fulfilling is to bring tennis to the general public. In fact, one of our priorities is that there should be no reason why people cannot play tennis“, explains Josep Manel Ferreras, the director of the Vall d’Hebrón Municipal Tennis Centre. He also says that the children from schools and other centres who use the courts every day get an added thrill from knowing they are playing on courts that, at a certain moment in time, were at the centre of world sport.

The Horta-Guinardó centre has a surface area of 40,000 square metres. It has around one thousand members and there are 38,000 individual admissions every year, The centre has 24 tennis courts -17 clay and 7 synthetic-, 6 padel courts, a fitness room, a directed-activities room and a family-fun swimming pool. During the year, hundreds of children visit the Municipal Tennis Centre to enjoy the sport as part of school activities, summer camps and sports-promotion activities.

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