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Volunteering and Barcelona '92, a long history

25BCN92. The documentary features the accounts of nine volunteers and several celebrities and the key and extraordinary roles that volunteers played during the 1992 Barcelona Games.

To mark the commemoration of the 25th anniversary of the 1992 Barcelona Olympic and Paralympic Games, the Barcelona Sports Institute has collaborated with theKarabot Studio to produce the documentary: “Volunteering and Barcelona ’92, a long history”.

The audiovisual work pays homage to the volunteers who helped to make the 1992 Barcelona Games possible, an event that proved a success and which mobilised an unprecedented number of volunteers in the history of the Olympics and Paralympics. Some 35,000 volunteers took part in the Olympics and over 15,000 in the Paralympics. There were so many volunteers that some had to be left out.

The documentary provides offers a close-up on the recollections of nine volunteers, who talk about their roles and what their daily work was like during the Games, as well as the excitement, how they experienced the event and why they had decided to take part in the Games in such a selfless way. They all appear with their accreditation badges, which they still keep, and in the clothes they proudly wore during the Games.

Others also taking part in the documentary include the city’s current Mayor, Ada Colau, who recognises the historical role played by volunteers in Barcelona; Paco Segura, who was in charge of the 1992 Barcelona Team within the COOB and played a key role in all the organising for the volunteers in the Games and Enric Truñó, who had been the Councillor for Sports at the City Council during the Games.

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